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Dance classes

If you are new to Scottish country dancing and would like to learn more, or you would like to improve your dancing, good sources of information on classes in London or your area are:


Will I be able to do it? ... We all ask that to begin with, and look at us now! Give it a go.

Do I need a partner? ... No there are lots of dancers willing to partner with you, and we change partners after each dance.

How does Scottish country dancing work? ... in a nutshell, it's teamwork.  There is music, and groups of generally six or eight dance in couples through various formations.

What should I wear? ... Wear what is comfortable for you to dance in. You don't need to wear a kilt.  When we have formal dances or balls we do get a bit more dressed up.

What equipment do I need to try it out? ... The only thing you need is a pair of flat soft-soled shoes.  Two things happen when you wear soft shoes, you will dance better and the odd toe stepping doesn't hurt.

Where can I buy pumps or dance shoes? ... When you decide you like dancing and you want dance shoes you can buy ghillies or split sole dance shoes at many dance shops around London or online.

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