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Scottish Country Dancing at St. Columba's Church, Knightsbridge

St. Columba's Dancers is a group of friendly social dancers who meet on Monday evenings from October to May.  We enjoy Scottish country dancing, usually to recorded music, and five times a year dance to a live band (band nights!).

Scottish country dancing is fun and wonderful exercise for both body and mind. We welcome dancers of all ages and levels of experience and our dance programmes include simple dances for beginners as well as those for the more experienced.  We have a team of MCs who are happy to call or walk through our dances so that everyone can join in.

You might like to come to the short practice session held at 7.15 on non band nights.  This will also give you a chance to meet the MCs and others before the dancing starts at 7.30.  The list of the dances for each week, together with the instructions (cribs) for each dance can be found on the Diary page.  The remaining band night for the 2017-18 season is the end of season dance with the Craigievar band on Monday 21 May 2018.

If you would like a weekly email reminder of the next programme, please contact Graham Hamilton to ask to be added to the mailing list for Winter Mondays.

Every year the various Scottish dance groups which meet in St Columba's church hall run a joint dance.  This year, the Combined Societies' Dance is being organised by St Columba's Dancers on Saturday 24 March.  The programme and crib can be found on the Diary page.

St. Columba's Lower Hall is a lovely place to dance.  Directions to the hall are given here.  You don't need to come with a partner or to wear a kilt, but should wear either pumps or soft, flat shoes (not trainers).  If you are coming for the first time, please make yourself known to us, or better still get in touch with Valerie beforehand.
There is no charge to attend the evenings (except for Band Nights) and dancers are asked to contribute 1.50 for tea and biscuits in the interval.

Links to the Church web-site and to other Scottish Country Dance groups which meet at St. Columba's are on the Links page.

Further details from Valerie Strachan on 020 8693 5335 or

Dancers enjoying band night


St. Columba's Dancers was formed in 1941 to provide a social outlet for young Scots living in London.  In those days, it met on a Saturday afternoon and included singing and table-tennis.   Over the years it evolved into what it is today: an informal sociable gathering, now of many different nationalities.